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Year : 2000
Country: USA
Genres: Drama
IMDB Rating: 7.2
Director: Gus Van Sant
Actor: Damany Mathis,F. Murray Abraham,Sean Connery,Glenn Fitzgerald,Anna Paquin,Stephanie Berry,Michael Pitt,April Grace,Rob Brown,Michael Nouri,Richard Easton,Lil’ Zane,Fly Williams III,Busta Rhymes,Damion Lee

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Plot Summary

Because of scoring exceptionaly high on a state wide standardized exam and being an exceptionally good basketball player Jamal Wallace is sent to a prestigious prep school in Manhattan. He soon befriends the reclusive writer, William Forrester. The friendship leads to William to overcome his reclusivness and for Jamal to overcome the racial prejudices and pursue his true dream — writing.

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