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Year : 2004
Country: France
Genres: Crime,Comedy
IMDB Rating: 5.3
Director: Alain Chabat

Actor: Elise Larnicol,Pierre-Fran?ois Martin-Laval,G?rard Depardieu,Jean Rochefort,Samir Guesmi,Joseph Beddelem,Christian Bergner,Marina Fo?s,Ga?lle Cohen,Maurice Barth?l?my,Cyril Casm?ze,Michel Bouis,Damien Jouillerot,Patrick M?dioni,Gilles Conseil

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Plot Summary

In 35,000 BC, the tribe of the Dirty Hairs is in war against the tribe of the Clean Hairs for eight hundred years, trying to get their shampoo. The chief of the Dirty Hairs sends his daughter Guy disguised to the enemy tribe to get some shampoo for his tribe. When the healer of the Clean Hairs tribe surprisingly kills two cavemen of his tribe, their imbecile chief assigns Pierre with curled hair and Pierre blonde to investigate the murder and find the criminal.

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